FlowTools XL


PetroClass FlowTools XL brings high quality flow and volume correction calculations to Excel spreadsheets. With FlowTools XL you can leverage the power and flexibility of excel to create tailored solutions not achievable with stand-alone tools. FlowTools XL is a compiled native-code library extension utilizing the same rigorous calculation engine used by PetroClass FlowTest. Being a compiled library, FlowTools is fast much faster than the speed achievable using VBA macro language, while maintaining the same ease of use as built-in excel mathematical and engineering functions.

Use FlowTools XL to:

  • ERCB Directive 017 upstream measurement compliance verification. 
  • Verify DCS, SCADA and RTU flow calculations in the comfort of Excel.
  • Verify well test flow rate and volume calculations.
  • Test design, customized work over and well testing forms.
  • Custody transfer gas and fluid volume verification.
  • What-if scenarios.

Rigorous standards based implementations:

  • ASTM D1250 volume correction factors.
  • AGA 8 (1992), BWR (EOS) Gas compressibility factors.
  • AGA 3 (1992)  ANSI/API 2530-92 orifice meter. 
  • AGA 7 (1996) Turbine/Vortex meters.
  • V-Cone/Wafer-Cone meters.
  • Nipple/Bean chokes, Critical flow Prover (Railroad commission of Texas) 
  • Pitot tube (in circular conduit) meter.

* Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation


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